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By Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm; Buck, Keith; Fornari, Giuseppe; Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm

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His biographer Janz, who certainly cannot be suspected of antipathy towards the subject of his monumental study, makes the following general comment: “Often, following psychic shocks, his body took refuge in illness by means of some accident piloted by the unconscious”34 and, referring particularly to the Bayreuth festival, Janz describes the eloquent contrast (and connection) between Nietzsche’s visible sufferings and the general excitement of the moment,35 in spite of his attempts to find more generous explanations for the philosopher’s malaise.

2 December. Claims to have seen some completely mad little women during the night. 17 18 Chapter Two 9 December. Vomit. No mistakes detected in the patient’s diet, but he often bolts his food. 14 December. 18 Nietzsche is now a demented wretch, who repeats the most degrading actions in an apparently senseless mechanical way. Great care is generally taken not to look too closely at these documents, and in effect it only seems possible to peruse them with a sense of pity and profound dismay. But they deserve to be examined, and not just to bring us face to face with the sad reality hidden beneath the whited sepulchers of our cultural mausoleums.

Before we go into the anthropological implications of Nietzsche’s selfdestructive investigations, we need to look more closely at the final outcome of his Dionysiac madness; this corresponds so precisely and pertinently both to his life and his philosophy that we must exclude any merely psychiatric explanation, let alone a ‘syphilitic’ one. Nietzsche’s mind broke down in Turin between 1888 and the first few days of 1889 but it continued to emit messages that we can pick up and interpret, a little like the radiation surviving from a supernova, from an exploded star.

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