Jeffrey Sambells's AdvancED DOM scripting : dynamic web design techniques PDF

By Jeffrey Sambells

ISBN-10: 143020298X

ISBN-13: 9781430202981

ISBN-10: 1590598563

ISBN-13: 9781590598566

DOM Scripting is a crucial approach for net builders and architects to benefit and grasp as a way to upload such dynamic net functions as animations, maps, drag and drop, and extra. This ebook deals complete assurance of complicated DOM Scripting suggestions and reads like a want checklist of should have dynamic net program positive aspects, together with visible results utilizing JavaScript libraries, Ajax, Mashups utilizing APIs, and lots more and plenty extra. It follows within the footsteps of

Jeremy Keith's acclaimed publication, DOM Scripting (friends of ED: 1590595335, 2005), supporting you grasp the following point with numerous actual international tutorials.

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Figure 1-4. An alert window showing the actual result of the click But why is this? Each alert() produces the same message because the value of i isn’t actually retrieved from the scope chain until the click event occurs. When the click occurs, initAnchors() has already finished executing, so i will be equal to 4, because it has been incremented to a number greater than 3 to stop the loop. 36 DO IT RIGHT WITH BEST PRACTICES When the click event listener is invoked and checks its internal scope for the value of i, it doesn’t have it, so it looks to its external scope, in this case the initAnchors() function.

You can overwrite any JavaScript object without a complaint by defining your own object with the same name. createTextNode(message)); } the browser will no longer alert messages as expected but will instead use your new alert function to do whatever you specified; in this case, it’s appending to the specified

. In some cases, this may be desired but remember, if you’re combining libraries and various code sources, they’re going to expect the core functions to act the way they should, so you may get unexpected results.

ShowNodeName('example'); This is all possible because of scope and closure, which we’ll discuss later in the chapter. showNodeName(), it will execute in the space of your anonymous function namespace, so it will still have access to your special $() function and anything else you have in the namespace, along with anything outside of the encapsulation in the scope chain. If you’re a little confused by all this don’t be. The remainder of this chapter and Chapter 2 should clear up a lot of the questions you may have regarding objects in JavaScript so bear with me until I introduce you to some of the more advanced features of the JavaScript object structure.

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