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1987 Springer. Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences 12. Lg.8vo., 393pp., wraps. the rest diminish on decrease fore-edge, VG. mild hide put on; no proprietor marks.

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The [Q] matrix can take on a rather dynamic behavior whereby the magnitude of the elements can be chosen to be small when smooth behavior and large when the quadratic model cannot adequately model Is encountered, the state transitions. The measurements (L1, 52 phase; phase differences) are then used to update the predicted quantities by the standard Kalman formulae. Finally the eovariance matrices are updated. Again, the vectors X represent the values of measured carrier phase dlfferencebetween the satellite transmitted phase fronts and the internal receiver oscillator values or the differenced quantities ~(LI) - (fl/f2) ¢(L2).

These orbital precision requirements suggest that an extended network equipped with high-precision receivers will be required. available to civilian users nor will one be available several regional civilian tracking networks worldwide in the immediate future are presently tracking Such a network is not now being developed Plans for and/or imple- 32 mented, and these may provide acceptable orbits over certain regions. However, the geodesist using GPS for large-scale, high-precision surveys may not be able to assume that the GPS orbits are known to sufficiently high accuracy.

2 The 1984-Alaska-GPS-Campaign Alaska i i I I I °6 I °2 Canada O8 1 F-~° 2 \ 3 \ s 6 Yakataga Falrbanks Kodiak Nome Sandpolnt Sourdough Yellowknlfe Whitehorse 500 km ! \ 40 Table 3 Approximate distances between stations in kilometers ~ation Fair Kodiak 849 Nome Sand Sour White Yaka Yellow 848 1285 276 789 603 1631 557 671 1044 632 2135 1006 1004 1591 1276 2460 1179 1598 1188 2681 591 329 1575 414 1105 1025 Kodiak Nome Sand Sour White 1510 Yaka Fair: Fairbanks White : Sand: Sandpoint Yaka : Sour: Sourdough Yellow : After the pre-processing step (see Ref.

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